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The speed of modern life has launched catering to expand into institutional and collective food services for events and other kinds of public services ranging from hospitals, boarding houses and old people’s homes to schools.

With the continuous use of this service the establishments and their customers call for higher standards of hygiene to get better results. In the catering business the goal is unanimous: taking all the necessary hygienic measures to ensure food security and to prevent foodborne illnesses.

In Proquimia we adapt ourselves to the clients and consumers needs by offering specific hygienic solutions throughout:

  • A wide range of products, among them the disinfectants with HA certificate, required by the Health Ministry for surfaces in contact with foodstuff.
  • Dosing systems for concentrated products.
  • Personal advice.
  • Strict introduction and monitoring of HACCP with the completion of customized cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Our goal is to optimize the costs of hygiene through the use of highly efficient and innovative systems, while respecting the environment.