Innovation is the foundation of our growth and one of the main values ​​that define the philosophy of the company, reflected in the way we work and understand the needs of the market.

Achieving customer satisfaction requires not only doing the job well, but also forces us to think things over to be able to come up with new ideas that allow us to provide solutions and innovative management systems that adapt to an ever-changing environment, by offering the highest level of technology, maximum security for the user and the utmost respect for the environment.

Our R + D + I is equipped with quality control laboratories, research, microbiology and application, being supervised by a team of specialist technicians engaged in the development of new systems and improving the existing ones, to respond to market requirements.

But the innovative nature of Proquimia not only focuses on the technical side; the company has made a firm commitment to innovation at the organizational level with the development of cross-service departments throughout the company, the creation of Business Development Committees that have helped to bring about solutions for customers and the figure of Application Technician to respond more effectively and professionally to the needs of the markets where we operate.

Thinking differently and breaking paradigms, focusing on customers, creativity, teamwork and passion for new ideas, define and integrate the culture of innovation as part of Proquimia’s DNA.