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On the 11th November 2011, the association of Veterinary Hygienists of Catalonia held a technical conference about “Listeria monocytogenes: Prevention and Control” which was sponsored by PROQUIMIA.

 The program of this symposium, held at the Auditorium of the Official College of Veterinarians in Barcelona, included most interesting lectures such as “The problem of Listeria monocytogenes in food” (by M. Garriga IRTA Monells), “Microbiological criteria and prevalence of L. monocytogenes in foods” (by L. Cabedo – Health Protection Agency), “Prevention and control of Listeria in the food industry” (by M. Navas – Rooster Group) or “listeriosis: implications for risk groups” (by N. Finnie – Mutua de Terrassa).
For its part, PROQUIMIA presented the speech “Listeria monocytogenes: Cleaning and disinfection”. Reference was made to the cleaning process, differences between traditional and enzymatic cleaning and disinfection of biofilms through active principles such as glutaradehyde, quaternary ammonium (QAC), trialquilamines or chlorine.
The exhibition put emphasis on how these active ingredients also act when destroying microorganisms. At the same time Proquimia showed the evidence of effectiveness available in dealing with Listeria, followed by a discussion on the advantages and drawbacks to be considered when choosing the most suitable active ingredient for every level of cleanliness.
Finally, each active ingredient was linked to the most representative product of PROQUIMIA:


  • Enzivix: Neutral enzymatic detergent, especially suitable for the manual cleaning and foaming of all kinds of utensils, surfaces and electrical appliances.


  • Ambisep Plus: Atmospheric disinfectant, for weekly application.


  • Ambisep DR: Atmospheric disinfectant, for daily application.


  • Prodesin SF: Disinfectant of surfaces and equipments, broad-spectrum bactericide and fungicide product.


  • Asep 500: Disinfectant of surfaces


  • Vixclor: Detergent and disinfectant, alkaline chlorinated, for foam cleaning of all kinds of surfaces, electrical appliances and utensils.   
  • Ecoplus D: Detergent and disinfectant alkaline chlorinated, suitable for the automatic cleaning and disinfection of tanks, circuits and automatic carwash
  • Asep 100: Bleach 100 grams/litre of Sodium Hypochlorite.

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