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Proquimia creates Proquimia Food Safety

Proquimia Food Safety is Proquimia’s Unit specialized in Food Safety. It was created to ensure an appropriate implementation and operation of hygiene practices by providing effective solutions, tailored to suit every specific needs of each client by ensuring the quality of their processes and protecting their business and brand.

We are your partner in Food Safety

Founded by an interdisciplinary team, Proquimia Food Safety uses high quality standards to achieve the highest level in matters of safety, giving priority to operational efficiency and sustainability of the processes.

Who we are

Proquimia Food Safety is a team of hygiene engineers, microbiologists, chemists and application engineers. We have a microbiological laboratory to carry out water and food analyses.

What we do

Proquimia Food Safety focuses on:

  1. Consultancy
  2. Optimization of processes
  3. Engineering
  4. Training

Proquimia Food Safety represents the company’s commitment to provide higher standards of hygiene which contribute to the development of safer food, responding to the demanding health regulations in force.