SOFT PLUS, a new scent experience



SOFT PLUS by Proquimia is a new fabric softener for all kind of fabrics and textiles fibres: an innovative concept based on the micro-encapsulated fragrance technology that becomes active and is released when handling the laundry. It delivers the freshness of newly washed laundry that lasts for weeks.

Thanks to the combination of free and microencapsulated fragrance, SOFT PLUS allows the selective release of perfume over all the stages of the softener: washing, drying, ironing, calendaring and use of the fabric.

Proquimia, specializing in institutional hygiene with over 40 years of experience in institutional hygiene, completes and extends with SOFT PLUS the range offered to the industry, meeting the current market needs and providing a completely reliable and safe solution.

Xop, the most ecological capsules


Proquimia strengthens its commitment to innovation and sustainability as future values, taking a further step within its ecological system XOP, achieving the European Ecolabel registration, a symbol at community level which identifies and formally certifies products and services that are greener and more environmentally friendly, throughout their entire life cycle.

 ECOXOP Suelos and ECOXOP Multiusos are the first products within the XOP range that are certified with the European Ecolabel in the category of cleaning products for general purposes (registration number ES-CAT/020/010), becoming the first capsules on the market to gain this distinction.

Proquimia, pioneer in water-soluble bags with an over 10-year experience in this technology, offers the most innovative system in water-soluble bags introducing the cutting-edge products that provide the hygiene industry with a competitive capacity thanks to their numerous advantages:

100% eco-friendly (more…)