The Ministry of Health includes the product ASEPVIX on the list of virucidal products registered in Spain

  • This list includes the surface disinfectant products which have proved virucidal effectiveness based on the UNE-EN 14476 standard.

The surface disinfectant product ASEPVIX and its “bag in box” format CONPACK ASEPVIX, produced by Proquimia, has been registered as “Virucidal products authorised in Spain” on the document drawn up by the Spanish Ministry of Health, based on the UNE-EN 14476 standard with the register number 17-20-05503-HA.

In particular, the product ASEPVIX was included in this document after having presented the results of a virucidal test according to UNE-EN 14476 standard against norovirus, a nonenveloped virus which is more resistant to disinfectants than enveloped viruses such as coronavirus.

In the current circumstances, it is even more important to disinfect surfaces, especially those with multiple contacts, with a disinfectant that has proved virucidal activity,

The disinfectant ASEPVIX joins the disinfectant by Proquimia CONPACK DESINFECTANTE PLUS, which has been registered on this list and which has proved effective against coronavirus based on the UNE-EN-14476 standard.  In addition, the products by Proquimia VITA ASEPGEL and VITA ASEPSOL have also been included in the official list of antiseptic products for healthy skin that the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) has established since the start of the pandemic. These products are recognized as having virucidal properties against the coronavirus.