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Proquimia, new member of the RSPO table

PROQUIMIA has been accepted as a member of the association RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), within the “supply chain associate” category.

RSPO is a global association that aims to promote the use of palm oil from sustainable plantations, developing, implementing and verifying criteria of maximum credibility to ensure the environmental, social and economic sustainability of palm oil, throughout its supply chain, from the plantations of origin to its final consumer.

Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil worldwide, thanks to its low cost, high productivity per unit of cultivated area and high versatility. It is present in a large amount of food products (margarine, chocolate, ice cream), cosmetics and detergents. Proquimia is a palm oil consumer since a large amount of the surfactants of natural origin used in our detergent products are obtained from palm oil.

The application of the criteria established by RSPO helps to minimize the negative impact of palm cultivation on the environment and the communities of palm oil producing regions.

One more certification that consolidates and strengthens PROQUIMIA’s commitment towards the development of increasingly sustainable products and systems.