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Proquimia changes the 25L jerrycan of its products for recycled PE plastic

The new jerrycan is made with more than 95% recycled plastic from waste collection circuits (PCR-Post Consumer Recycled)


Proquimia takes another step in its commitment to sustainability by changing the material of its 25-litre jerrycan for others of the same capacity, but much more respectful with the environment, made with more than 95% recycled PE plastic and 100% recyclable.


The raw material for the production of the new bottles is high quality recycled plastic, from the selective collection circuits (PCR-Post Consumer Recycled), thus promoting the circular economy.

This change in the material of the jerrycan will also imply a change in colour, going from black to ivory. The new ivory color, opaque, also improves its subsequent recyclability compared to the black jerrycans. This modification affects only the packaging of the products and does not involve any variation of their use, characteristics or properties.


This action is aligned with Proquimia’s sustainability strategy and our commitment to reducing the impact on the environment of single-use plastic containers, which is reflected in the Strategic Plan for Circularity in Packaging 2025.

The 25 L opaque black container is the second type of packaging the company changes as regards of its material: in 2019, all 750 ml PET containers marketed by Proquimia were replaced by 100% recycled and recyclable PET-PCR bottles.