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OVENMATIC, Proquimia's solution for the cleaning of automatic ovens

  • The company presents a new range for automatic ovens, composed of a degreasing detergent, OVENMATIC Cleaner, and an oven rinse aid, OVENMATIC RINSE


Proquimia launches a new range of products designed for the cleaning of automatic ovens. Under the name of OVENMATIC, it is composed of a degreasing detergent and a high performance rinse aid.

OVENMATIC Cleaner is the degreasing detergent of the range, it stands out for its effectiveness against burnt fats and carbonised residues on all types of surfaces, even porous or rough, as well as achieving a perfect finish thanks to the combination of alkaline, sequestering and surfactant agents. OVENMATIC Cleaner does not leave any residue, thus avoiding possible food contamination.

The other product in the range, OVENMATIC Rinse, is a rinse aid with great dampening power and an acidic nature, which helps to regulate the final pH of the cleaning process, neutralising the alkalinity of the detergent. Its controlled foam facilitates subsequent rinsing, leaving no residue.

Both products are dosed automatically by the dosing systems integrated in the ovens.


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