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Nanotechnology has widely spread among all scientific and technological areas. The surface treatment industry is no exception. Recent research has been concentrating on incorporating this new technology concept in all fields of application.

The prefix “nano” refers to a billionth of a meter, that is, one nanometer is equivalent to one thousandth of a micron. By nanotechnology we mean the process which enables to generate a layer of a few nanometers (usually between 50 and 200), compared to near-micron thickness and obtained by amorphous phosphate, not to mention the heavier phosphatations.

PROQUIMIA has developed a new range of products based on the deposition of nano-sized ceramic layers. These products have especially been formulated with the aim of replacing the process based on amorphous or microcrystalline phosphate. The spearhead of these products is called CONVERCOAT NA-2.

As it happens in the case of phosphatation, CONVERCOAT NA-2 develops an inert layer on the metal to prevent corrosion and improve adhesion.