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Proquimia introduces the solution to prevent, detect and remove biofilms, focusing on the following actions:

  • Specific protocols for the cleaning and disinfection of preventive and curative treatment against biofilms, based on film technology. The use of this technology developed by Proquimia has enormous rewards as product clings to vertical surfaces, allowing extended contact time and reaching the most inaccessible areas of the installations. Film technology has proved totally effective in removing biofilms in addition to having a sanitizing effect favorable to the subsequent disinfection.
  • “Rapid” tests of hygiene control: 

– PROCHECK1: reagent for the detection of biofilm and / or inappropriate hygiene.
– PROCHECK2: reagent for the detection of catalase-positive bacteria

These rapid tests based on staining reagents or detection of bacteria, superbly complement the methods of microbiological plate count and enable detection of residues or micro-organisms in the critical points of the process, allowing immediate corrective actions.