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Proquimia Releases the Report on Social Responsibility 2015

Proquimia specializing in institutional hygiene and chemical industry processes with over 40 years experience in the market, has published the anual Report on Social Responsibility in order to provide an overview of the contribution of the company in Spain, focusing on the impact of the organization on economic, environmental and social areas and the creation of value for the various stakeholders. Since the first publication of the report on the social responsibility of the company in 2011, with each new edition we reaffirm the company’s commitment to continuportada_rse2015e to move forward in our model of responsibility and sustainability, placing future needs of people, society and the planet at the core of the business.  We continue to grow with more and better solutions adapted to new lifestyles and needs of the markets where we operate and integrate into our operations the issues of sustainable development incorporating the principles of social responsibility in our strategy.   This year, for the first time, the report includes an analysis of the importance to helping to identify the most important issues to the different stakeholders and decide where to focus the company’s efforts to provide at any time best response to the challenges and needs of society.