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Proquimia is expanding its range of water-soluble film products with XOP SUPERFICIES

Proquimia is expanding its range of XOP, the concentrated products in water-soluble film, with a new product: XOP SUPERFICIES: multi-purpose detergent with sanitizing properties with lower usage cost. It is the most ecological product on the market. Suitable for all kinds of surfaces and floors.

  • The product was developed based on the following advantages:
  • Lower RTU cost, liter of prepared product, on the market
  • Reduced packaging (box of 25 units), Minimal investment.
  • Improved handling and control over the units.

With all the benefits of the range XOP:

  • Cost control
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Work safety, without product handling or loading weight.
  • Space savings
  • Maximum respect for the environment, 100 % recyclable packaging.

XOP, pioneer brand on the market with over eight years of experience, is already composed of 11 products for the general cleaning, including floor cleaners, detergents and descalers for bathroom surfaces, air fresheners, multi-purpose cleaners, detergents for dishwashers and specially formulated detergents with laundry softeners.

Again, Proquimia strengthens its commitment to the environment and to the concentrated and technologically advanced products providing optimal comfort and efficiency on its clients’ cleaning processes.