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Proquimia introduces the most complete range of udder sealing products, pre and post dipping

Proquimia introduces the most comprehensive range of pre-and post-dipping sealers. Special formulations meet every possible needs of cleaning and disinfection for livestock, cattle, sheep and goats.

What do you need?

The range has been formulated to provide full safety required by the industry. Our products ensure disinfection and protection of livestock and offer a wide variety of sealants to meet any required application and property.

High disinfection for livestock
All active substances for every hygiene purpose:

  •   Iodine
  •   Lactic acid
  •   Chlorine dioxide and lactic acid
  •   Chlorhexidine

Maximum skin protection
Protects, moisturizes and softens skin… and now with Rosehip Oil: restores, nourishes and heals.

Absolute adaptability to your needs
Sealer with cooling effect, repellent against insects, anti-stick effect thanks to the barrier action of the film. Application by foam, spray or with teat cups.