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Proquimia expands its range of food surface disinfectants

Proquimia expands its range of food surface disinfectants

The control of pathogenic microorganisms in food is one of the main concerns in terms of food safety. The correct definition and implementation of a cleaning and disinfection (C&D) plan for surfaces that may come into contact with food is one of the most effective tools to ensure food safety, providing high protection for consumers against the risk of infection and, at the same time, to guarantee the maximum shelf life of processed foods.

As part of the C&D plan, proper selection and application of disinfectants will minimize the risk of microbiological contamination of food while processing it. The disinfectants used must have a broad biocidal spectrum, in order to ensure the reduction of pathogenic microorganisms and reach the threshold necessary for human health.

In view of the growing awareness and concern of the market for food toxins, Proquimia offers a wide range of disinfecting products for food-contact surfaces with the aim of completely eliminating microbiological contamination and ensuring safety, quality and maximum shelf life of processed foods. They have been designed based on a wide range of active ingredients (chlorine, quaternary ammoniums, trialkylamines, peracetic, glutaraldehyde, alcohols, etc.), to meet the toughest requirements of the industry and have been tested on the most common microorganisms, such as Norovirus, Salmonella and Listeria (according to UNE-EN 13697 bactericidal / fungicidal and UNE-EN 14476 virucidal).

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