ECOCONPACK A50, ecological detergent for the use in automatic dishwashers. Suitable for very hard water conditions

This detergent is part of the ECOCONPACK system and completes the range of products for automatic dishwashing, up to now consisting of the products ECOCONPACK A10 and A30 (detergents for soft and medium water conditions, respectively) as well as ECOCONPACK Abrillantador (rinse aid).


ECOCONPACK A50 reinforces the company’s commitment to innovation and to future generations, relying on a range of products with distinctive ecological character, besides, offering the following advantages:

SAVINGS for your business

  • Cost control and application
  • 95% less waste management costs
  • 75% less transportation and storage costs



  • System: easy and convenient
    • Extends the refilling cycles
    • Dosing equipment very simple and easy to use
    • Takes up minimum space at the workplace

COMMITMENT to safety

  • Non reusable bags with color coding: prevents confusion with the products.
  • Less loading weight in compliance with the recommendations of the Spanish Institute of Safety and Hygiene at work.

RESPECT for the environment

  • Eecolabel_logo1-1colabel Registration
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Produces minimum amount of residues
    • 95% less plastic waste
    • No residues left in the packaging