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Restaurant services

In recent years, food service has grown in size and complexity, leading to major changes in legislation, in eating habits and in consumers’ tastes.

In Proquimia we are aware of the fact that concern about health and food quality has become a key issue for consumers, pressing for the implementation of cleaning and disinfection programs, along with good practices in food handling.

Therefore Proquimia has become a partner-collaborator with restaurant chains acting as a single supplier and responding to their needs in cleaning and disinfection. We provide:

  • A wide range of products, among them the disinfectants with HA certificate, required by the Health Ministry for surfaces in contact with foodstuff.
  • Dosing systems for concentrate products.
  • Personal advice.
  • Strict introduction and monitoring of HACCP with the completion of customized cleaning and disinfection protocols.
  • Environment friendly systems.

Proquimia’s aim is to strengthen the reputation and image of your establishment so you can ensure food security to your customers by offering them safe and healthy food.