proveedores de detergentes para lavanderias

Industrial laundry

The main purpose of a laundry is to get linen visibly clean, free of stains and remains from any source, properly dried and ironed. At the same time, linen should provide a nice finishing touch and a fine smell, or at least be free of unpleasant odours, respecting the original characteristics of the fabric.

Soiled linen can be contaminated with blood borne and airborne pathogens. On areas with high risk of infection, linen should be considered as potentially virulent germ carriers. The need to prevent microbiological contamination of people, products, materials or environment it is therefore an aspect of high significance.

In a laundry, proper washing and disinfection depends on five factors: water quality, mechanical agitation, time, chemical concentration and heat. These factors working together ensure the fabric to be not only perfectly clean but also microbiologically impeccable.

To that end, Proquimia offers:

  • A wide range of products and automatic dispensing equipment for the hygiene of linen in any washing process.
  • Tailor made programs for every customer’s need.
  • Textile laboratory service.
  • Total control over washing process: statistical programs, analyses of the washing process…
  • Staff training.
  • Continuous advice and improvement.
  • Guidance on the implementation of Rule UNE-EN 14065 and RABC system. Biocontamination Control System” (with an “Implementation Guide” CD).

A whole set of solutions to provide you with a proper washing and disinfection of fabrics, searching efficiency during laundry processes, optimizing energy resources and minimizing environment impact.