productos de limpieza y desinfección industria alimentaria

Food processing

The variety of foodstuffs along with the increasingly complex technology used for processing food and a highly competitive market environment make food security a basic need for any company in the sector. In order to produce healthy and innocuous food for its final consumption it is essential to ensure that the facilities, equipment, utensils and vehicles used in the process are kept clean and disinfected at all times.

Proquimia offers hygienic solutions to ensure the level of cleaning and disinfection required for the different applications of the food processing industry. Proquimia meets the specific requirements of each plant providing customers with a wide range of products and equipment, service and personal advice.

Our experience in this market enables us to provide the most effective and most cost-efficient solution to each specific problem, ensuring top-quality hygienic levels in compliance with the current legislation, streamlining processes and cleaning costs, with a minimal environmental impact and maximum safety for users.