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Cleaning services

Cleaning and maintenance services carried out by cleaning companies include a large number of operations and processes in an environment marked by a variety of industries with a high demands in terms of quality and technical requirements according to their needs. The management of these services in a professional and accurate way calls for specific solutions tailored to each type of market through a combination of skilled personnel, specialized equipment and products and technical support adapted to each service.

Proquimia provides these companies with all the necessary hygienic solutions to meet existing standards of cleanliness in any industry (institutional, food, industrial, …), offering a full range of products and equipment, personalized service and advice to achieve the high standards of cleaning and disinfection required by every customer.

Our experience and knowledge of this industry allows us to offer systems to meet all the common sanitation applied by service businesses through a personalized proposal which aims at achieving the highest quality standards within a framework in which health and environmental protection is essential.