productos para limpieza de vehiculos

Car dealers and garages

Industrial cleaning and maintenance at car dealers and garages includes a high number of treatments and processes with a high grade of requirements in terms of quality and special technical demands depending on their application. Proquimia therefore provides specific solutions which are well suited to all kinds of dirt, respecting all the existing materials.

Proquimia offers a wide range of solutions based on the most advanced and innovating chemical technology. They all are especially designed to meet the growing needs of different kinds of cleaning processes and industrial maintenance treatments existing at car dealers and garages. Our solutions are developed considering economic profitability, environmental sustainability and protecting the workers’ health and safety.

Our experience and market knowledge enables us to offer systems to suit all common applications in this industry (car wash, engine oil cleaning, deparaffining, floor cleaning, stripping and flocculation of paint, absorption of spillage …) with tailor-made offers aimed at achieving the highest standards of quality.