1971: on November 27th 1971, Mr. Josep M. Onyós de Plandolit i Serrabou, chemical engineer from Sarrià, sets up Proquimia. During its first years, the company focuses its activity on manufacturing chemical detergent products for industrial use, targeting at hotel and restaurant services markets.

1972: the product offer for the treatment of surfaces is widened, targetted at the industrial market.

1975: We move our factory, located in Victoria’s street in Vic, to the premises in Sant Jordi’s street. The following year, we move the offices to carretera de Barcelona.

1978: We establish business relationships with Chile.

1981: 10 years after the establishment, we move to the present location, at carretera de Prats, 6.

1983: We branch out again and get involved in the food industry market, providing integral solutions adapted to the specific needs of our new customers.

1992: To focus on and deal with the growing international expansion, the Export Division is set up, operating in France, Portugal and the Dominican Republic.

1994: We establish new business relationships with Cuba.

1996: We establish a new branch in Cuba to supply the domestic market.

1997: We expand to Morocco and establish business relationships with Costa Rica.

1998: We obtain the Quality ISO 9001 certification, which is a competitive asset for the organization, improving the running of the business and the risk management.In December 1998 the joint-venture Suchel-Proquimia is set up in Cuba.

1999: We expand to Mexico.

2000: We set up the subsidiaries Proquimia Costa Rica and Proquimia Dominicana.

2001: Taking care of the environment and fulfilling with environmental legislation, we obtain ISO 14001 environmental certification.The same year, we expand to Algeria, Colombia and Venezuela.

2002: We establish business relationships with Cape Verde.

2004: We create the company PQA (Productos Químicos Avançados Unipessoal) in Portugal and obtain the ISO 9001/2001 certification in Proquimia Chile.

2005: we obtain OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Administration Certification, showing a clear commitment to staff safety and contributing to create a safer working place. This same year we create the new subsidiary called Proquimia Internacional in Panamá.

2007: we receive the award for “Best enterprise in the field of Technological Innovation” granted by the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation in Barcelona, “Osona” Delegation. We obtain the majority shares of the company Proquimia Chile.

2008: we are awarded the prize for “Research activity in Sanitation and professional cleaning”, during the award ceremony for the National Cleaning Prizes.

2009: We expand to Tunisia.

2011: As a result of the joint-venture with Quimisa, S.A., Proquimia Produtos Quimicos do Brasil, S.A. is set up.

2012: We receive the prize for “Greatest headway in 2012” awarded by PH Groupe.

2013: We establish in Angola.

2014: Proquimia acquires 100% shares of Proquimia Chile.

2015: We establish new business relationships with Republic of Mauritius

2016: Proquimia continues its international expansion by reaching the Asian market. India and Dubai are the countries chosen, thanks to the alliance with local partners

At present: Proquimia is much more than just a chemical company