empresas de tratamiento de aguas

Water for human consumption

Due to the growing needs for products for the treatment of water for human consumption which ensure full compliance with current legislation, Proquimia presents PROAQUA: the solution that meets all the needs and legal requirements for water treatment through a range of products and equipment, service and counseling.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the industry and contribute to improving results and operating costs, as well as to provide the basic tools for compliance with current regulations, Proquimia’s proposal includes:

  • A wide range of products that meet the RDA 140/2003 and the order SCO/3719/2005 establishing health criteria for water quality for human consumption.
  • Prevention and control of legionellosis according to current legislation.
  • Training and supply of measuring kits and reagents for self-control
  • Specific and technical on site assistance by our Technical Sales Representatives:
    • Periodic appointments for analysis and control
    • Data collection of the processes
    • Parameter adjustment of the operation
    • Technical assistance in contingencies
    • Replacement of chemical products
    • Counseling by the equipment technician
    • Report about controls containing a record on the results of the controls that have been carried out.
    • Report about the services containing a record on the work that has been performed, the diagnosis of the current situation and the corrective actions that have been carried out or that are recommended.
  • Specific maintenance by technicians specialized in physical treatment equipments.
    • General checking of the system: Stage of conservation and detection of leaks and failures.
    • Supervising of the controls carried out by our Technical sales representatives
    • Depending on the process controls:
      • Mechanical control of the plant (adjustment of valves, adjustment of conversion, and checking of noises and vibrations in the pumps.)
      • Hydraulic control of the plant (checking of pressure and flow on electric control panels and pumps.
      • Electrical control of the plant (checking of online consumption and on receivers, checking of electric mechanisms and solenoid valves, checking of protectors and insulations,…).
  • Adjustment of operation parameters.
  • Execution of corrective actions and recommendations
  • Preventive cleaning and disinfection of the system
  • Extra cleaning and disinfection in system contingencies
  • Technical assistance in contingencies.