detergentes industriales para lavanderias

Textile care

Everyone knows how important it is to remove pathogen microorganisms from any type of tissues to prevent clothing from being a potential carrier of infectious agents. In addition to this fundamental aspect, the goal of washing clothes is to eliminate all stains and debris from any source, to get a nice touch and to keep the original features of the tissues.

Proquimia offers a complete proposal for service, training and consulting to provide the specific solutions for the hygiene in your laundry.

Our products come in different packages, from traditional ones to concentrated systems and Eco products, together with the necessary dispensing equipment.

  • Powder detergents: range of products for pre-wash and main wash of all kinds of clothing, with great detergent power and maximum performance at all temperatures and for all water hardness.
  • Detergents for stock solution systems.
  • Bleachers and oxidizers based on active chlorine, peracetic acid or active oxygen for textile washing.
  • Softeners: range of products for all kinds of tissues and textile fibers with antistatic effect for easy ironing.
  • Neutralisers to remove residual alkalinity and remains of oxidants deposited in the tissues after the washing phase.
  • Auxiliaries: range of additives and restorers designed to enhance cleaning.
  • Range of stain removers for every spot.

Moreover, Proquimia offers the washing system called BISYSTEM, suitable for all types of clothing, designed to reduce process costs in industrial laundries and OPL’s, acting on items that most affect the cost of laundry: energy, water consumption, processing times… BISYSTEM ensures optimal results through a combination of an enzymatic detergent and an oxidant, making removal of dirt and stains an easy job.