productos de limpieza para hoteles


The room is the space where the relationship of the host, resident or patient with the hotel, residence or hospital is most intimate. So it is very important not only to take care of the aesthetic aspects but also to keep up the cleaning and disinfecting efficiency of all processes.

Hygiene is essential and influences greatly the users’ perceptions. That is the reason why we want to help you improve the image of your establishment, by making them feel comfortable in a clean, healthy and shiny environment.

Proquimia offers a comprehensive service, training and advice to provide specific cleaning solutions for each and every corner of your rooms.Our products come in different containers, including the traditional ones as well as concentrated systems and Eco products, together with the necessary dispensing equipment.

  • Floors

We offer a full range of products especially designed for the conditioning, protection and maintenance of all kinds of floors, carpets and wooden floors.

We provide strippers, waxes, pore sealers, crystallizers and descalers to cover all the needs of conditioning and protection of all floors.

For maintenance we offer floor cleaning products which can be applied either manually or automatically. There are three different types of processes: dry sweeping with mop and a specific dust control product, wet mopping with detergent or maintenance with a spray.

  • Glasses and surfaces

Among our wide range of window cleaners we offer fog-free products with antistatic effect and film free, especially designed to achieve transparency and brightness on glasses and mirrors.

In addition, we have products especially suitable for the cleaning and polishing of all surfaces that can be found in a room: glass, tiles, metal surfaces, enameled objects, etc.

  • Bathrooms

A range of products that ensure the highest hygiene standards for you to provide your users with clean, disinfected and deodorized spaces.

Our detergents allow a thorough cleaning, removal of lime and lime-scale stains. They descale and disinfect the toilets, faucets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, screens and other, always providing a high gloss and leaving a pleasant smell in the atmosphere.

  • Environment

Aqueous air-fresheners in water-soluble monodose pouches, with fresh and long-lasting   scents which neutralize bad smells and linger in the air.

And also a wide range of liquid air-fresheners will inspire moments of leisure and peace and will fill the atmosphere with hygiene and comfort.