lubricantes industriales


The lubrication of conveyor chains, bottling and canning lines for the food and beverage industry calls for high technology solutions, to meet the technical requirements and specific needs of each factory and type of packaging that is used, and adapted so that they work properly in the usual working conditions, from extreme temperatures to high levels of water and moisture.

Proquimia offers a comprehensive solution for the process of lubrication for the food and beverage industry, based on a customized proposal that includes a wide range of lubricants and application systems, engineering, continuous improvement, training and service.

  • Natural Lubricants

Range of products based on natural soaps for the lubrication of conveyor belts, contributing to the quality of discharges due to their low equitox.

  • Synthetic Lubricants

Lubricants based on fatty amines with high lubricating and sanitizing power for chains.

  • Silicone-based lubricants

Range of silicone-based products, especially suitable for the use in cardboard packaging lines.

  • Dry lubrication

Dry lubricants for packaging conveyor belts. These products are applied in a thin layer of pure and highly lubricant, free of water, and provide the following benefits:

    • Cleaner facilities
    • Bacterial growth is minimized due to low humidity and lack of water accumulation on floors.
    • Less slippery floors. Risk of accidents is minimized.
    • Substantial saving of water.
    • Discharges are minimized.
    • Less corrosion of metal parts due to the absence of water.
    • Drainage and collection systems of the lubricant solution are not required.
    • No cardboard packages wetting.
    • Reduced wear on chains and bearings.
    • Foam free.