limpieza y mantenimiento industrial

Industrial maintenance

Degreasing of pieces, engine oil cleaning, body deparaffinisation processes, circuit descaling, antifoaming agents for industrial baths, cleaning of floors, paint stripping and flocculation, absorption of discharges…

Operations and processes involved in industrial cleaning and maintenance are very numerous and of varied nature. Proquimia has the widest range of solutions to meet all your needs in terms of quality and technical requirements:

  • Industrial degreasing

Range of degreasers for cleaning and degreasing of all types of surfaces in industrial facilities such as floors, parts, tools, air filters, tanks, machinery…

  • Descaling

Descaling and complementary products formulated for scale, rust and mineral residues removal in all types of circuits, pipes, boilers, tunnels, cooling towers…

  • Surface cleaning

Range of specific products and detergents for the cleaning and maintenance of all types of surfaces, absorption of liquid spills, stainless steel polishing, graffiti removal…

  • Cutting and protection oils

Cutting fluids for mechanical and reconditioning of steel, castings and other metals, with a strong power of inhibition against oxidation.

  • Paint strippers

Range of paint strippers for removing all kinds of paints and coatings on metal surfaces. Also suitable for paint and varnish removal from tools and pieces before the recovering process.

  • Antifoam products

Control foam additives for industrial baths, they avoid product loss and enhance performance on the operation and quality of the finished products.

  • Cleaning and degreasing of parts

SmartWasher ®: biological washing station for cleaning and degreasing of parts in workshops, garages and industry in general.

  • Absorption of oils and other spills

PELICAN PACK ®: mobile station to absorb oils and other liquid waste in workshops, garages, car parks and transport companies.

Rounding out the product offerings described for industrial cleaning and maintenance, Proquimia offers a full solution based on a customized proposal that includes a wide range of dispensing equipment and application systems, continuous improvement, training and service.