Detergente Industrial

Car wash and care

Proquimia offers the most complete range of consumable products for cleaning and care of vehicles. These products are compatible with all types of facilities and washing processes, both automatic and manual. They have been especially developed to meet all quality requirements and achieve a perfect finish.

  • Active Foams

Highly concentrate detergent with high foaming and degreasing power, for the car wash tunnels, wash bridges and wash bays.

  • Shampoos

Range of products very performing specially on grease and dirt, for manual cleaning of vehicles or automatic washing in tunnels and bridges.

  • Solid and liquid detergents

Range of liquid and solid detergents for cleaning and degreasing of vehicles, to use in jet washes or in boxes prepared for solid shampoos with automatic dosing system.

  • Degreasers

Alkaline products specially formulated for the underside of trucks, tanks, containers. They make greases and dirt removal an easy job.

  • Waxes

Range of high performance waxes, environmentally friendly, suitable for all types of washing facilities, providing the vehicle wiht a dry, glossy and protected surface.

  • Surface cleaning

Products for the care and maintenance of all surfaces (dashboards, tires, glass, upholstery …), designed to get the best look inside and outside the vehicle.

  • Engine cleaning

Range of products for cleaning engines, alternative to traditional oiling, which increase the care of all materials and significantly improve the final touch of the engine.

  • Specific products

Wide range of specific products for various applications or washing processes: cleaning of containers and mixers, polishing and cleaning of tires and bodies, washing pets, elimination of insects embedded in vehicles, removal of paint and marker graffiti…

Rounding out the product offerings described for cleaning and car care, Proquimia offers a full solution based on a customized proposal that includes a wide range of dispensing equipment and application systems, continuous improvement, training and service.