Environmental solutions

In Proquimia, we work day after day to provide more sustainable solutions to our customers and to the society.

In 2002, pioneering this field, we developed the product range Xop that consists of water soluble capsules with a totally biodegradable film. [Catalogue].

Later on, in 2006, we launched the highly concentrated product range CONPACK with the “BAG IN THE BOX” system. In 2011 we were granted the Eco-label certification which distinguishes a product on its preference within the category based on life cycle considerations. From this moment on, Conpack products gave way to our ECOCONPACK range.

Thanks to the implementation of the Ecodesign we have actually reduced adverse environmental effects throughout the product’s life cycle:

  • Less use of raw materials, packaging and energy in the production process
  • Less harmful emissions from road transport
  • Optimized use of the product avoiding overconsumption
  • Minimum plastic waste, thanks to the high concentration of products