Sustainability is a key strategy of Proquima. In this context we are closely monitoring any potential impact on the environment and people’s safety – whether they are employees, customers or the society in general.

In this sense, the innovation process enables us to develop products and systems within a proper balance between production performance, safety procedures and a lower environmental impact.

At Proquimia we build on an eco-design during the whole life cycle of the product in compliance with the most stringent quality and environmental standards, while we preserve the effectiveness of the mentioned products.

Therefore, concentrated products, waste diminution, CO2 emissions reduction and reuse of materials have now become a reality, as it is also a fact that we have an eco-label certification, which is awarded to honor products and services that represent an important contribution to improve the environmental key aspects.

We work hard to comply with the current legislation REACH “Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals”.

The participation in the project tRanSparEnce launched by “Consell General de Cambres de Catalunya” (General Council of Chambers of Commerce of Catalonia) with the financial support of the SOC (Service of occupation) of the “Generalitat de Catalunya” and the European Social Fund with technical assistance of “Global Reporting Initiative” (GRI) has allowed us to implement the corporate social responsibility in our business management system and enabled the annual publication of The Sustainability Report.